Black Women Rising – The Untold Cancer Stories

Black Women Rising- The Untold Cancer Stories, is the UK’s first all-black female cancer portrait exhibition, aimed at getting more black female cancer patients connecting and talking about their cancer experiences- to aid their recovery process, spread some much-needed cancer awareness amongst their communities and educate some of the UKs leading cancer care organisations about their needs. A recent NHS publication suggests cultural stigmas/ taboos and general myths about cancer amongst the various black communities stops individuals from talking about their experiences- often completing their treatment without giving the vital feedback the NHS so desperately need in order to successfully cater for the needs of these individuals mentally and physically.

BME patients are less likely to give feedback about treatment, making it difficult for the NHS to identify areas where care can be improved”

Simon Stevens- NHS England- Chief Executive

The NHS needs to know more about the experience of black and minority ethnic people who have cancer treatment in order to ensure services understand their needs”

 Lord Victor Adebowale, NHS England- board member

The project itself will consist of photographic exhibition of 14 phenomenally brave Black Female Cancer Patients/survivors showcasing their bodily scars left behind after their disease. There will also be a live panel talk with the ladies exhibited, addressing their individual experiences, fears and hopes for the future.

The first exhibitions will take place on the 27thand 28thMarch 2019 at the Award-winning Copeland Gallery in Peckham, in the LB of Southwark. The 27thbeing closed for press and special guests and 28thwill be open to the public. It is a FREE exhibition and the limited tickets can be obtained here

The portraits have been shot by world renowned photographer Noam Friedman, of The Brightrooms Photography Studio in Peckham.

As well as myself, some of the inspirational cancer warriors who will be featured in the exhibition include;

Local restaurateur Saima Thompson, who at 30 years old has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and aids her journey by blogging about her experience on her website curry and cancer.

We also have 41-year-old Southampton based dancer and exercise instructor Helena Boyce, who had breast cancer twice in two years and had to undergo two lots of chemotherapy.

Charlotte Crowl, 28 who has been in remission for 9 years and was a teenage Lymphoma cancer patient. She had a rare side effect to her chemotherapy drugs that almost killed her and has left her with a permanent speech impairment and disabled.

Then there is my my mum Amanda, 58 who has had Breast Cancer twice and now has no breasts. Amanda first had Breast Cancer 21 years ago.

The project has been fully funded by The Leanne Pero Foundation and Brightrooms dark room and studio in Peckham and has relied on the good will of various creatives and collaborators to come together.

We are hoping to use the preview shows as a way to attract vital project sponsors so she can take the exhibition on tour around the various BME communities in London and the hopefully UK wide.

Breast Cancer Care, the only specialist UK-wide charity providing support to people with breast cancer, will have a clinical information stall at the exhibition which is n April 2019, Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now are uniting to create one charity for everyone affected by breast cancer


For a VIP press pass or any other enquiries please contact Leanne: foundation@leannepero.comor 07939 609 186



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